Going Solo

There were so many of my friends and family at the Priority Health Crit in Grand Rapids over the weekend I didn’t post a race report. But some friends in Colorado would like to know how it went…. Like I said before I started out with a lot of fan support. There was a Bissell sprint competition going on for the first 25 laps that I decided to take part in. I got out to an early lead winning the first few and riding aggressive. After winning the competition I found myself a bit tired but in a break with one other rider, Frank Pipp of Health Net/Maxxis. We had covered 35 minutes of the 90 minute crit and were putting time in the group behind us. At one point we were getting close to lapping the main group. With about 20 minutes to go the time gap started coming down and Frank wasn’t feeling too well (found out later he had a crack in his fork that was making his rim rub on his break pad). When the gap got down to about 15 seconds I decided to leave Frank and go for it solo. With 7 laps to go I wasn’t sure but thought why not. The crowd was behind me giving me a little boost. I looked back on a straight with 2 laps to go and saw Priority at the front sacrificing one rider at a time. You could tell they were hurting. I wasn’t ready to give up yet and gave one more big effort but didn’t quite have it. I got caught with a little over a lap to go. I snuck in 9th wheel and that’s were I finished. I took a lap easy and as I came through the start/finish line the crowd was letting me know they loved watching me give it a go. After getting on the podium and being interviewed by the TV reporters I got to thank my friends and family for all their support. It was incredible hearing your name being called on almost every straight away and corner. It felt good to give some of the best crit riders in the country a run for their money. This week I’ll be back at my parent’s place with the Jittery Joes Pro Cycling team getting ready for the tour de leelenau. We’ll let you know how it goes.