Ok…here is my (Jenny) version of the crit on Saturday. It would probably be better if Brad wrote this but he is spending the week with the Jittery Joes team up in Leland, MI. The crit on Saturday was one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking crits I have ever watched. Half the race i was thinking “what in the world is he thinking?”

The course was a 1/4 k loop on the streets of downtown Grand Rapids, MI. They raced for 90 minutes. The field consisted of a few domestic pro teams like Priority Health, Jittery Joes, Health Net, etc. There were cyclists from both the US and other countries…a few big names like Karl Menzies from Australia. Anyways…the peleton stayed together for a few laps and then a small breakaway went off the front, including Brad. I think there were maybe 7 people in the break. They didn’t seem to work together all that well and after a while the break split up and left Brad and a health net rider out front on their own. Brad won almost every sprint prime possible and it appeared that he was doing the majority of the pulling. At one point they had a minute lead on the peleton. The crowd was going crazy! The peleton got organized and Priority Health went to the front with about 8 guys to try and reel the 2 boys in. The lead slowly went down and hovered around 16 seconds. With about 12 laps to go (i think it was around there) the lead car came around the corner and then Brad flew around the corner…by himself…the health net rider couldn’t hold on any longer…the crowd went NUTS!!! His lead went to about 20 seconds and it held for a few laps. Then…with roughly 1 and a half laps to go the peleton caught Brad. He was able to stay in with the first few riders though and finished 9th overall. Although he didn’t place in the top 3 he did win the Bissell Sprint Cash Prime. The funny part was that the announcer didn’t realize Brad went to school in GR or lived in GR for 5 years until 1/2 way into the race…he gets that more often at races, at least they had his name right at this one ;).

It would not have been so much fun though without all the people that came to watch! It was SO much fun to see you all! You guys are awesome. That is my version of the race on Saturday. Did I get anything wrong? This next weekend we’ll be up at the Tour de Leelanau in Leland, MI if anyone wants to come up! It is beautiful up there!