Pedaling Beans Coffeehouse has now been open for 2 weeks and 3 days. I have yet to see it in operation but have heard good things. The free wi-fi is a big hit and the cyclist and locals are loving having a place to go for a great cup of coffee. A big summer drink has been the cold dark brewed coffee that in smooth for their cold drinks. The frozen blended drinks are something I want to try when I get up there. The mornings have been the busiest and the mornings have been early as the baked goods have to be fresh. My mom has good help though with Katie, Char, Laura, Drew, and a couple of locals. If you’re ever passing through Lake Leelenau by car or bike and need a place to go for a good coffee as you check your e-mail then Pedaling Beans is your hotspot. Besides the good coffee they have great workers who will make you smile.