The last three days we (Discovery/Marco Polo team) have been in Germany with some of the stars of the tour de france racing some crits with huge crowds. The first one had a pretty hard uphill section with small cobbles. After coming around on the first lap you could hardly think straight it was so loud with people lining the sides 5 or more deep screaming and cheering us on. We really don’t do much as it’s more for the pros to show off for the crowds. I got to the front once and helped chase a break with Jens Voigt on my wheel. I thought that was pretty cool…he’s one of my favorite riders in the pro peleton. It was a fun weekend with good racing and lots of food. The organizers take care of us by putting us up in hotels with great breakfast and then we meet for lunch and have an after party with drinks and food. Saturday I will do another crit that might be the same and then Sunday I face one of the hardest races of my career…a UCI 1.1 race with pro teams and a tough course with a couple of good climbs. Jens Voigt won it last year and will probably be back to defend. The pros are amazing and can just go forever.  For those of you who are thinking about when the Tour de France ended you are right it was Sunday and then they did crits for three days. Pretty impressive!