coffee.jpgI was first introduced to filter drip coffee at the Tour of the Gila in Silver City New Mexico, but it was my new neighbor and old friend Kevin Hawkins who helped me fall in love with this method of brewing a cup of coffee. The photo shows the materials needed and this is the step by step. While you are boiling water grind the coffee beans so that they are soft but still a little gritty. To check pinch the grinds between your thumb and forefinger so it forms a clump. It should almost be a espresso grind. When the water comes to a boil place the kettle on the counter for 45 seconds or so . Before putting the coffee grounds into the filter pour water through the empty filter to get rid of as much paper taste as possible. Now add 3 to 5 level tablespoons of coffee grounds to the filter and pour several tablespoons of water over the coffee grouds to allow the grounds to expand for several seconds. Then pour the rest of the water into the filter as you gently but steadily stir the grounds. This is why a 3 dollar plasctic filter cone will beat a $150 auto drip machine every time. By stirring you are extracting every speck of goodness from your coffee. After the coffee has drained from the filter drink immediately. Do not let sit. Do not reheat. Drink your coffee. NOW! This one 8oz cup of coffee will get you going better than a whole pot of anything else. That will be my secret to a good race up Mt. Evans tomorrow. Filter Drip coffee is my drug. Lets hope it doesn’t end up on the list of band drugs.