Brad is back in the Netherlands now…he finished the race in Spain on Tuesday and ended up 63rd in the GC, which is great for his first European race. I guess the climbing was just incredible. Now that he’s back in the Netherlands he’ll have internet access and has already posted a bunch of pictures to the flickr account and also to his http://www.yourcycling blog. He’ll be resting up for the next few days and then has another race in Belgium on Sunday and one on Monday. He sounded thankful that he actually finished the race in Spain, there were quite a few that did not finish. I think he is realizing why Mike Carter trains in his big ring when riding up Deer Creek Canyon and High Grade here in Denver.
On another note…Sarah and I went on a run tonight on the trail that goes through the open space around our neighborhood. We did an out and back and on our way back we ran into a HUGE rattle snake. ok, maybe it wasn’t HUGE but it was big….big enough. The snake was not leaving the trail so we had to run the whole way around (5 miles out of the way) to get back home. I think i’ll be holding off on running that trail in the afternoons for a while.