the results are up from today’s stage…it was a mountain top finish. It’s so hard to know exactly what is going on in these races just by seeing the results. If you go simply by the results it doesn’t look too great for Brad because today he was down by 16 minutes (66th place), along with his team mate, Pol. But…alot could have happened…Brad and Pol could have gone out on an early break, or they could have been working for there other team mate, Thijs Zonneveld, who ended up in 16th today and is now 18th in the GC (General Classification). Brad is currently in 51st place in the GC. I just need to remember that Brad is racing against professionals that have been in the cat 1 field for a lot longer than 3 weeks… i added the Discovery Channel Marco Polo Team website to the blogroll, it’s a pretty nice website with info on the team.