just talked to Brad…he was in a wreck today. I guess Brad, Pol and Thijs all made it up to the final climb with the peleton and Brad was thrilled about being in a good spot. He went to the feed car to grab some cokes and food for Thijs and Pol, after bringing Thijs a coke he went back to Pol and was sipping on a coke when all of a sudden a cyclist a few bikes ahead of brad went down fast. Brad couldn’t avoid the crash and went down hard…breaking his helmet, hurting the derailer (sp?) and flatting his tires. I guess he’s pretty scrapped up but he said it could have been a lot worse. Pol also went down, not as hard, but it took a little while for them to regroup and back on the bikes. I guess they passed a few cyclists that fell off the main pack. Brad’s front wheel was making some funky noise and when they finished he looked at the wheel and spun it, it didn’t even spin once around before stopping. Brad still sounded very upbeat and said that days like this are just going to happen….maybe he sounded so good because he was just heading in to get a leg massage from the team therapist. I’ve gotta work on getting myself one of them thangs.