Well I’m in the southern part of the Netherlands and very close to Belgium and Germany. I’m still suffering a little from jetlag but will start feeling good soon. The rain came down all day today until about 3:00. I was glad I took off on my ride a little late. I did a couple hours of easy spinning in the country. I took my camera and so I could share the sites with you all back in the states. The roads around here look like bike paths at times and when cars come at you it feels like they may hit you. Tomorrow we take off for Belgium to do a 177 kilometer race. It’ll be my first race over here and a good one to get the legs going before we head to Spain monday. My congratulations go out to Jenny, Ryan, and Bruce as they kicked some butt at Lake Mac today. Jenny took the overall for the women and Bruce spanked Jenny by about 3 minutes. I hear Ryan kicked some butt on the swim with very little if any training, held it together on the bike and finished it up with a good run. Great job you all!