Brad has been traveling a bunch this year with the Einstein team…to places like New Mexico, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas but to add to that list he is now heading out to Spain next Sunday, yes…NEXT Sunday. Two days ago he was asked to join the Marco Polo Discovery Channel Team for a big stage race in China, in July and then the next morning he received another call from that same team asking him if he would be able to join them in Spain on the 10th of June…just nuts! So Brad is heading out to see what will happen when he goes up against the Europeans.

The name of the race in Spain is Circuito Montanes and it starts June 13 and goes until the 19th. I think it pretty much takes place in the Basque Country (northern Spain)… GORGEOUS area, we actually spent some time up there when we were in Spain.

And then in July…he will probably head to China for the Tour of Qinghai Lake, July 14-22nd. I’ve seen some pictures and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Just for an update and how he currently is doing….last weekend went very well in Illinois. He ended up 10th the first day, 5th the second, 2nd the third and the last day he got the sprinters jersey. I think all the races were crits except the 1st day.

Tonight starts the Tulsa Tough, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I think there are 7 Einstein guys out there (in IL they had 4). Tonight is a crit, it starts at 9:15pm so they will be riding in the lights, should be pretty stinkin cool!

Kevin got a JOB! wahoo!! He will be working at InvestNet, downtown Denver. Also, Dan Hekman is in town visiting…should be a fun weekend.