tour-of-the-gila-130.jpgThe race season started out well and I’m officially a Cat 1 cyclist. When you begin racing you have to start off as a Cat 5 and move your way up. It can be a long process of gaining points at races to Cat up. Last season I moved my way up to Cat 2 but quickly found it harder to gain points when the Cat 1’s and 2’s race together. Starting this season off with only 5 pts. and needing at least 30 I thought it would take all season. After gaining a few points here in Colorado and then hitting up a couple of stage races I ended up with almost 50 pts. and the USCF gave me my upgrade. Now I can only race with the big boys. Winning races will come less often and with much harder work. Thursday the 24th of May the team heads to the Quad cities for four days of road races and crits. After that it’s straight down to Tulsa, OK for four more crits. Ten days later I’ll be home resting and getting ready to do Tour de Nez in Reno, Nevada. I’ll try and keep everything updated so you know how the Bagel Boys are doing.