As you have probably seen from the pictures in our Flickr account…Brad had a great time last weekend down in New Mexico! The last two stages were just fun to watch, although a little nerve-racking at times. Kevin, Sara and I did learned the art of being a ‘feeder’ and will continue perfecting that art. With all of the animals and tornado type weather our camping experience wasn’t the best, next year Sara and I are going to put our foot down and stay at a hotel. The Gila National Forest is gorgeous! The 5-day stage race covered TONS of ground in the National Forest. Cliffs, cool rock formations, gorgeous trees and foliage were not what i was expecting in southern New Mexico. I was expecting red rocks and desert. Brad stayed with part of his team at a nasty house, i sure hope their lodging accommodations are better this weekend. Anyways, sorry for the tons of pictures of cyclists that i uploaded into flickr, i probably should dump some of them. I was just a little excited.

This weekend Brad is in Arkansas with the bagel boys. He called tonight after the first stage (100 and some mile race) and I guess he got in a break-away with 3 other strong riders and they held the peleton off and brad out-sprint the group at the end. I think he’s in the lead by 20 seconds currently. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, they have a 90 some mile road race in the AM and then a very short, 2.5 (ish) mile time trial in the evening. sounds stinkin’ painful if you ask me!

I’m back in Denver (Friday night). I went to California for work Wed-Friday. Sunnyvale, CA. It was fun! Got to meet a bunch of people in our program and sit in on some interesting meetings. Last night I drove up to San Fransisco by myself….made my way to Fisherman’s Wharf, walked around a bit, saw Alcatraz, tooled around town and went back to Sunnyvale. It was a fun trip! I’ll let you know what i hear from Brad. Also, my dad is running the river bank run tomorrow morning. He’s a fast old fart, wanting to hold 6:50 minute miles, that also sounds painful. well dad…i hope you rip it up! wish i could be there to run it with you.