Team Einstein/MOB Cyclery was out in force today, a beautiful, blue bird day in Boulder, CO. Last Saturday the air was full of snow, rain and sleet so the Boulder Roubaix was postponed for today, April 14th. The race is named after the Pari Roubaix, a one day classic in Europe. In Boulder, the 1, 2 field did 9 laps of 8.6 miles with 70% dirt. The field was strong. For my first race at the Boulder Roubaix it was a good one. I ended up making the break with about 12 other strong riders, including teammate Corey Collier. The group worked well together and pulled away from the pack. With just over one lap to go the attacks started. I was hurting but Corey looked strong. The attacks were endless on the dirt section leading to the pavement. Up the last climb the pace was fast and an attack went. The group was slow to respond and needed every bit of the half mile to reel in the rider. Teammate Corey led the chase and ended up 6th and I ended up 10th. I was please and happy dispite the cramping legs and pain in my back. The team bikes (Giant TCR Advanced) are stiff and fast. The frame performed well but my components did not. My compression bolt came loose and popped off with 3 laps to go and my gears were all over the place. No flats though! The team did well as Ryan won the first chase group. Jenny said Gibseon (vanilla face) had a great race but I haven’t seen his results. There were many other great performances and there were some unfortunate crashes. I hope everyone is okay. I just got done taking a 10 minute ice bath and my legs are still tingling. We’ll see if they’re ready to go tomorrow in the Springs at the Air Force Base.