Without a doubt fall is my favorite time of year. Temperatures are perfect, colors are beautiful, and the food is great. So since the off season started I went straight to work on projects. The one we are most excited about it taking part of the wall down between our kitchen and living room. The photos show the progress. It’s been hard to keep working inside since the weather has been so nice. We’ve had our fair share of outside work too. The gardens are all prepped for winter and I’ve cut a short trail in the woods behind the house. I couldn’t believe how tired I was after the first week of off season. It hasn’t been all work though. I’ve enjoyed a round of golf, a few tennis games, catching up with friends, and time with the family.
A group of us were able to take the short bus to Grand Rapids to see the ArtPrize stuff. There are some really cool pieces and the city is booming with people. As a family we’ve been able to take the boat out a few times, play in the yard, and go pick apples.
The Fall really has been great so far. The colors are still turning but the food and temperatures are killer. I think apples and apple cider are my favorite. Cranes Apple Orchard makes some really good cider donuts that are to die for. We’re looking forward to this weekend having a bunch of friends and food for an Octoberfest party here at house. If you’re around swing by between 5 and 11 on Saturday.


Offy is a term cyclist use when they’ve hit the off-season. Although cycling is a passion of mine it’s a time I look forward to. It reminds me of the last day of school. At the race everyone says their goodbye to teammates and friends. Some of those teammates you will be competing against the next year and others you’ll continue traveling and racing with the next season. So for me the offy has officially started.

At the beginning of the offy it’s a joy to not be on the bike or even have to think about the bike. At the moment I am catching up on everything I wanted to do around the house but didn’t because I wouldn’t be recovering from race to race or training ride to training ride. Yesterday while cleaning out the shed I found a couple families of mice and a bat. All were still alive and startled me quite a bit. During the offy I look forward to spending more time with the family, hiking, eating and drinking to my hearts contest, and working on the house.

In years past I have participated in the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race and a few cyclocross races, but this year I will be taking a different approach. Next season is going to be a long season starting with races in January and concluding in October. It will require a few trips to Europe and a more demanding race calendar. I want to be prepared and in doing so I’m taking a big rest. If you want to grab a drink, go for a hike, or eat fatty food then give me a call. I’d love to join. But for now I’ve got to get some stuff done.

It’s been great being back in MI for the summer. The sound of insects, the lakeshore, and of course the fresh fruit. All though it’s been relaxing we’ve also felt flat out.
Most of the weekends and weeks the past two months have been packed with races all over the country. When I’m not racing it’s recovery time before the next race. Recovery has been fun with the family this year. It’s been great being so close to Lake Michigan. Macen seems to really like the sand and water now that it’s warmed up. It’s also been great being close to family and friends. We do miss our friends out west but know we’ll be back out there on a trip at some point.
Jenny has been busy getting Moms in Tow going. She has some great business partners already and the site should be up soon.
It’s another beautiful day here so I’m out!

Ruthie, Macen's little girlfriend

the macinator

Ruthie, lovin' her Avatar 3D glasses

macen loves wearing his uncle ryan's sweater

lots of snow here in boulder! the boys have been smellin’ up the basement quite a bit over the last few days. at least they can watch the olympics while they ride.